Focusing on Breath

bank-1066546_640Whenever I catch myself worrying, thinking, or playing out future stories in my head, one of the quickest ways to pull me back into the moment is by focusing on my breath. I like to pay special attention to the sensation of air flowing through my nostrils, and the feeling of my chest filling up with fresh oxygen. I’ve found that over the past week of practicing this exercise it has always put me back in the present moment and stopped the chatter in my head. Most importantly, I’ve been doing this exercise more often at work, and so far it’s helped me become more productive, calm, relaxed, and better focused the moments after I do this exercise.

I’ve read numerous articles and blogs about mindful breathing techniques, however the main outcome is always the same- to become aware of your own breath, your own self, doing and witnessing the breathing. As soon I become aware of my own breathing my mind lets go of everything. It only pays attention to what’s happening now which is my own breathing. This is hugely relieving and calming. Especially if you find yourself carried away by thought, it’s as simple as taking in one breath, noticing it, and paying attention to the feeling of your breath. Such a simple and easy way to put yourself back in the present moment. Please try this yourself and witness the results. Love you all!

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