How I Find Mindfulness Through Gardening

Succulents1Today I thought I’d share with you my succulent garden, which has been a work in progress since I bought my first plant last year. Good news, I’ve kept this plant alive, and it’s flourishing wonderfully. Succulents are super easy to care for and require little work, so anyone can do it! Growing a succulent garden takes patience and commitment. The feeling of gratitude and success toward a garden is sustained through how long you care for it, and every time you water and pluck, the stronger it gets.

For me my garden provides a sense of achievement because being able to take care of these little guys for over a year and seeing how much they’ve grown – it just makes me feel good. It’s like this garden is a constant work in progress, and no matter what this work will never be finished, because plants never stop growing and re-producing! This fact, along with being patient to water when it’s time, all makes up the joy I feel waking up in the morning or opening my door and witnessing a beautiful display of life.

I don’t know if I’m digging too deep into how gardening makes me feel, but there is definitely an awareness and sense of accomplishment, devotion, and appreciation for being able to see my garden grow because I made it happen. By watering, nurturing, and caring for my plants they act as a catalyst for reminding me to be aware and mindful. Mindfulness has helped me see things that are truly remarkable, special, and fascinating in the smaller things of life, such as my garden.

I may upload more pictures in the near future of the progress of my succulents. If you’re interested in growing your own garden go for it! One of the funnest things to do is choose your first plant and being succulents there are literally hundreds of variety’s. Discover the success and joy that’s waiting for you and plant your first one today! Peace!

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