Relax to the Sound of Rain

If there’s one thing I find totally soothing, it’s the sound of rain. It helps me relax, fall asleep, and sends off good vibes. There’s nothing better than being huddled in bed during a light rainstorm. Rain also helps me focus, and I’ll often play it on my headphones while writing, drawing, or even meditating. In fact, I’m playing it now as I write this post!

A website I use for simulated rain is It plays the most natural rain sounds with options to tweak the weather. I like to having all the simulations on because it feels more real. The options include “light rain”, “heavier rain”, “thunder”, and “after the rain”. Try this site, or YouTube search “binaural rain” next time you’re reading, writing, working or whatever and feel the results. So relaxing. Have a nice day!

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