The Satisfaction After De-cluttering my iPhone Screen

If you’re like me and love downloading new apps to try but end up using them once and find yourself with a messy collection of useless apps, then your phone might need help. With a bit of deleting, organizing, and moving you can give your eyes a break and actually feel less anxious and distracted while looking at your phone. Here’s how I do it, and I’m positive you’ll feel better after trying it too.

  1. Delete everything you don’t use. All those games and time management apps you never gave yourself the time to try- all of it. I deleted Twitch and Tinder without hesitating to see any new matches or messages. That’s the sacrifice for a more well organized phone.img_0353
  2. Categories your apps into folders. All of my google apps I put into a “Google” folder. Now I don’t need to search to find the google app. Talk about ease of access.img_0354
  3. Move all the junk you can’t delete to the next screen. (settings, App Store, calander, etc.) Out of sight, out of mind..img_0355
  4. Move 4 app you use the most to the bottom docking area and 4 to the very top. The bottom ones are closest to your thumb and that much quicker to open when pressing the home button. The 4 on top are there so you don’t have to click on a folder, but anymore than 4 and you’ll be cluttered again. The key is simplicity.img_0356
  5. Enjoy the ease and simplicity of a well kept home screen.

Everytime I clean my phone like this there’s a sense fulfillment, accomplishment, and satisfaction. A less cluttered screen is less for your eyes to see and interpret (less thinking), which give you more time on the apps you actually use. I really encourage people to try this out and share this post if it helped. Thanks!

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