The Craving to Draw Something

Occasionally I get an obsession to draw something on my mind. During these burst of inspiration I usually have something random that popped into my head and have to visualize on paper. Most of the time this “thing” is something I’ve never seen before, or at least demonstrated the way I visualize it. When I’m fired up to draw like this I’ll usually spend 2 to 3 hours of intense drawing till the thing I’m making is complete.

I’ve found that during these times of passionate drawing my best work shows up. I love it. My most popular sticker on redbubble is a synthesizer cat. I was staring at a piano in my room when the idea came about. Cats playing keyboards are definitely nothing new on the internet, but I wanted to see it visualized in a new way.


I drew the initial sketch in a cute, “bubbly”, style like out of a cartoon. I wanted the cat to look like a real music producer so I put him on  an office chair. I put a ton of buttons and lights for visual interest and give the impression the cat is actually creating music. The goal was to create something where the viewer can imagine what will happen next, (playing notes, adjusting knobs, ect.), and make it super cute. I’m really proud of how this turned out 🙂 What other animals would you like to see playing instruments?

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