Play Real-Life Claw Game in This App

Yes there’s an actual Japanese company doing this, and it really works. I saw an add for Toreba on Facebook and was ‘hooked’ (get it). How could this be? There’s got to be lag, I’m in the US! The short answer is not really. I experienced maybe less than half a second of lag, and was still able to position the claw where I wanted it. The best part is that every new user gets 3 free tries, and prizes are shipped free!

I’ve personally never seen an app like this, so I’d place this idea and concept into a first-of-a-kind game and business. It’s just so cool and thanks to today’s always improving technology I wouldn’t be surprised to see more “real life game machine” apps. Speaking from myself and wanting to buy more in-game currency (toreba points) after losing my 3 tries, I can easily see people putting money in this.

The main menu is chalk full of games, over 200 in fact. It makes me wonder how somewhere there’s a big building with a bunch of claw games being controlled by people online. Everyday the claw games are re-stocked with new items, and it being Japanese everything is super cute. If it were US toys I probably wouldn’t be as thrilled; not to bash but our plushies and toys just aren’t as quirky and adorable. Take for example the bunny I tried winning in the screenshot. Super cute!

Toreba Claw Game App Screenshot

Getting 3 free tries is pretty cool, and the fact you’re controlling a real claw across the other side of the world is amazing too. It’s one of the coolest game ideas for an app I’ve ever seen. Try Toreba and who knows, you might just win!

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