Alternative Energy Is a Luxury

Every time I stop at a gas pump to fill up my car I’m reminded why on Earth are we still dependent on gasoline? We got low carbon alternatives like solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, geothermal, and biomass, but of all these crude oil accounts for 90% of transportation fuel. The answer simply comes down to economics and politics. Nobody wants to pay higher cost to be environmentally friendly. The oil and gas industry makes up roughly 6% of total U.S. employment, so it’s also a social issue. Our country is so reliant on oil that it will take enormous influence to convert to low carbon renewables, and it needs to happen sooner than later.

From a personal standpoint I wish I could do better for the environment, as I’m sure most of us do, but money is the real issue. Solar panel’s up front cost are very high, and electric cars are a luxury. I will go as far to say that going green is almost entirely for the wealthy. You can be environmentally friendly, but in today’s economy it takes money to be the environments true friend. We don’t have a choice. Oil companies are backed by the free market and millionaires, and their super power has made it so oil is the cheapest and most convenient way to fuel transportation.

I wish and hope for a brighter future to come soon. I want my generation to fight back because oil is harmful, toxic, outdated, and horrible for the planet. We can Power all of Earth purerly from solar energy- that is a fact. It just frustrates me that we are destroying the Earth, and I can’t choose to stop using gas because it’s the only way I can get around on my income. We can do better for the planet.

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