Firing Up Positivity

The other day In the midst of work I had a stunning realization about the idea of positivity. I had imagine myself being more positive and consciously acting positive. Only reflecting on my experience now do I realize the full picture of how beneficial positivity can be in helping oneself and others. The moment I acted more positive I triggered a chain reaction of energy that spread to everyone I interacted with. I felt happier and this happiness awakened a plethora of emotions in me like joy, kindness, gratitude, inspiration, and interest. If it weren’t for the moment I decided to deliberately act positive, I’d most likely carry on with my day in a neutral state of normalcy.

The most important concept from that experience is the actualization of being positive. As soon as I practiced positivism, the powerful effects from doing so rapidly instilled in me. Work felt clearer, smoother, and effortless. I sensed excitement, motivation, and enthusiasm. It was easier to approach people, and for them easier to approach me. I wanted to get lots of work done, not because I had to, but because I desired to. None of this could’ve happened unless I consciously practiced positivity.

When one actively seeks out positivity- that’s where the magic happens. When you’re positive you give off a welcoming and delightful energy that people are attracted to. They want that energy, and in a positive mood you vibrate at a higher frequency where more opportunities await. You can use this to increase confidence, trust, credibility and more.

No results come from doubtful or pessimistic thinking. Anyone who’s ever invented anything amazing has done so positively knowing their idea will work. When you’re in a positive mindset your energy will draw more people closer who are more accepting of your ideas or thoughts. No one wants to deal with someone negative. It’s as simple as that.

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