What is The Boring Company? Elon Musk’s Tunnel Company

Elon Musk, the mastermind behind SpaceX and Tesla, is cooking up another high tech company called The Boring Company. The name is contradictory to what the company is actually set to build which is pretty wild, and literally groundbreaking. They’re devising a new mode of transportation that’s entirely underground, and we’re obviously not talking subways, but tunnels with electric sleds that can propel cars upwards of 130 mph. Why tunnels, and why now?

Our current method of transportation is getting worse every day. Roads are getting more congested, especially in growing cities. Even with the emerging trend of ride sharing making way, Elon thinks a solution to soul destroying traffic lies in making our roads 3D, and not up, but down with a network of tunnels.

These tunnels will use electric sleds that slide along a guided railway. All the driver has to do is park on one above the ground, and then he or she will be conveyed down into a tunnel. From there it’s a luxurious hands free experience of whizzing down tracks, almost like a rollercoaster, except no loops or drops. Maybe that could be incorporated for an extra fee?

-(boringcompany.com) Electric skate pod concept
“Why wouldn’t flying cars work? Elon likes building rockets and everyone’s seen Back to The Future.” Flying cars are cool yes, but less practical. They make lots of noise, and any part could fall off hitting someone below. Can you imagine the crap people would throw out their window? If it’s bad enough now imagine a McDonald’s bag slamming you in the head out of no where. An unpleasant Mc’surprise.

Tunnel’s include a number of benefits. They’re weather proof, silent, and out of sight. We can reduce our need for making more environmentally damaging paved roads. A huge plus is that there can be numerous levels of tunnels going down. One on top of another. Which can be adjusted to how much traffic a city has. Nice.

Seems legit, but is it safe? If this does come to fruition it’ll obviously undergo strict safety regulations, be tested till it’s 99.9% safe, and probably have a tone of technicians continually inspecting stuff daily, so I would say yes. If you think about it this system might even be safer than cars. Every time one drive there’s the risk of human error. These tunnels however work on a fixed rail, no side by side steering, checking for lights, turning into lanes, etc. Everything’s controlled by computers. Not saying computers are safer than humans, but the variables of actually hitting another car seem to be virtually none.

I’ll end this post with an open suggestion to The Boring Company. I’ll personally pay more to take a tunnel with loops, dives, and corkscrews. If you’re going to build the world’s first underground tunnel transportation system, at least do it in style. Thanks for reading!

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