A VPN Isn’t Necessary for Most People

VPN services are trying to convince people that they must set one up to block hackers from stealing your information. It’s a scare tactic that is stretched far from the truth and these companies are just trying to convince people to buy their software. VPN’s are good for certain circumstances, but most people are being fooled into believing they need one. Here’s a list of reasons why someone would actually need a VPN.

VPN’s Aren’t Necessary If…

  1. You live in the US. People in other countries use vpn’s to access media content that’s geo-restricted and not available in their country. Particularly streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Both of which are blocked in China.
  2. You don’t torrent copyrighted material (p2p file sharing). Torrents are perfectly legal, and a lot of free software is distributed that way. It’s copyrighted material though that’s illegal to download, although millions of people do it everyday and there’s nearly no repercussions. Some companies will actually distribute their own copyright material through torrents to catch downloaders. This is a valid reason to have a vpn.
  3. You don’t care about targeted ads. If you search a lot and buy things online it’s no surprise that google collects this information to curate ads that are more useful to you. Honestly, I sometimes find ads are helpful and it’s a nice way of discovering new things. Taking that further a vpn would technically make ads less relevant and worse.
  4. You aren’t using guest wi-fi at hotels or public places.¬†If you are on open wi-fi then YES I would suggest using a vpn, but even with a vpn you aren’t fully protected by what you type and log-in to. I’d recommend only using open wi-fi for Google searches and nothing else. It might even be better to stay off open wi-fi altogether.
  5. You aren’t worried about the government collecting your data. The government has always been collecting insight from us it’s what they do so that they can govern, and besides I don’t think they or anyone for that matter cares about your Google searches about the best martini recipes. Again, vpn services try to concoct a bad image about the government and that they’re “snooping” your history when in¬†actuality they don’t care and just collecting info to do their job- govern.

Long story short. If you don’t use a VPN don’t worry. Odds are you probably don’t need one. If you don’t have any reason for having one after reading my guide, then simply ignore those annoying vpn ads. They’re just marketing. Thanks for reading!

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