Amazon Registers Patent for a Massive Drone Fulfillment Center

Amazon has just filed a patent for a massive drone warehouse center. Taking its seriousness in “prime air” drone delivery to the next level. To sum up the building looks like a huge beehive with multi tier windows where drones fly in and out of delivering packages. It’s a remarkable idea and another way conglomerate Amazon is taking over the world. View the application in its entirety.

Image: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

These vertical buildings will be placed in major cities unlike traditional warehouse centers that are in the outskirts taking up lots of land. In theory this means faster item shipping in inner cities. The drones will still be loaded with packages by humans, and subsequently less road delivery drivers. That means lots of job layoffs. The company also plans on building these towers in every major city.

A hurdle is that drones can be loud, and I can only imagine a handful of them buzzing around a tower. I see drones occasionally at the park and even if it’s 100 or so feet away I can still hear the propellers humming. Amazon however is working on this by designing blades with feathers to diminish the noise. Once this technology goes commercial we won’t even be aware of drones while we’re walking down the road and the potential spying and data mining they’ll collect. That’ll be saved for some data policy article I’ll probably write in the future.

2 beehive designs
There’s also 2 other designs of the building. Beehive 1.0 and 2.0. Image: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

I think these drone towers are actually brilliant, and technology will always find faster and easier ways of doing things. This looks like the next evolution in the postal/delivery industry. Just last week Amazon acquired Whole Foods for 13 billion, so who’s not say they could deliver groceries by drones? Wow that just opened up a whole other door and topic. Anyways, we can only hope Amazon uses its great power for great responsibility. Thanks for reading!

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