These Plushies Go From Adorable to Fierce with a Squeeze

Image: ThinkGeek
Feisty Pets are cute little animals that look adorable at first, but turn mean and scary with a squeeze. They make a great gift for plushie collectors or as backpack apparel. There are 8 animals to choose from: Unicorn, Guinea Pig, Polar Bear, Lion, Dog, Bear, Monkey, and cat. They come in a regular and keychain size. Feisty Pets are available on Amazon for about $20 usd.

Feisty Pets Facebook Page
Image: Feisty Pets FB page
These plushies crack me up they’re so funny but what I like is that they’re cute on their own not being squeezed. They make a great toy that you can tell a friend to squeeze and watch their reaction. The bear and bunny are my favorite of the bunch. The official toy make also makes some great promotional youtube videos.

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