These Cute Robots Move Plants Around Autonomously

You may have heard about Tesla autopilot, Google’s self driving car, and a host of other major car companies joining the rising autonomous car industry, but have you heard of little autonomous plant moving robots? I didn’t think so. Harvest Automation, based in Massachusetts, has already made over 150 of these cute bots called OmniVeyor HV-100. They cut production cost, increase productivity, and let’s be honest are fun to watch.

Harvest Automation was founded in 2009 and is being assisted with a former Roomba engineer, and Roomba investors. HV-100’s perform alongside workers with adaptive on-the-spot behavior. The company is also working on bots that will collect lots more “scalable” data with image capture technology.

The robots aren’t at commercial scale..yet. I wasn’t able to find a purchase area on their official website, so I take it HV-100’s are still being tested. Autonomous robots and vehicles alike are the next biggest industry. Major tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are investing serious cash in AI, and these two technologies go hand in hand. I hope these robots make it to the market because I’d love to see them in real life! Super cute!  

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