Why I Won’t Buy Facebook’s AG Glasses

Oculus VR, acquired by FB in 2014, filed a patent for AR glasses on August 17, 2017. The glasses look rather ordinary, which compared to Snapchat’s funky spectacles; these don’t look to make a statement. Still, are AR glasses the way of the future? Firstly they’re an accessory. Personally I’ve never wore glasses and don’t plan on doing so, besides sunglasses. Even if I had money to buy these, I can’t see myself wearing them in public. I just don’t like wearing glasses, and I’m definitely not alone. Just by this fact, I can’t see smart glasses replacing smartphones unless they’re to convince people like to me to wear one.

The other issue is distraction. We all carry phones at work in our pockets. It’s usually company policy and common sense to not use our phones during work except for work related calls or emergencies. With AR smart glasses you have no choice of deciding to check notifications or messages. You essentially have a phone screen in front of you all the time. That’s a horrible idea I can’t see any store manager allowing. Especially considering these glasses are made by Facebook. I’m sure there will be a silent or “distraction free” option, but if it’s easier to access than taking a phone out of a pocket it’s that much easier to turn on. who’s to judge if you have the glasses “on” or “off”. This is a critical issue I see as the biggest setback for AR glasses.

I don’t mean to bash Facebook’s planned AG glasses. I just think it’s good to have a different opinion besides what these tech giants have to say. They’ll focus only on the good which is great, it sells things, but this is just my opinion. Right now VR is selling best in the entertainment industry. If Facebook incorporates gaming with their glasses I think it’ll catch on much better. Then I would actually consider buying one.

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