SpaceX Reveals First Photo of Their New Spacesuit

Today Elon Musk revealed a first glimpse at SpaceX’s Spacesuit. Noting the difficult balance between aesthetics and function. The suit in the picture is a working model that’s able to withstand, “double vacuum pressure”. It definitely looks slick compared to traditional spacesuits (with the exception being Boeing’s new Starliner suits that were unveiled earlier this year). If this picture had no caption or author, I’d honestly think it’s a scene out of a sci-fi movie. I like it!

Original Post. Elon Musk

Growing up and learning about outer space I’ve only ever seen the big Spacesuits from Nasa. Seeing a spacesuit such as this is very exciting. It makes me feel we really are living in the future. I can’t wait to see more reveal photos! My only request is to have the suits come in different colors, that would be stellar.

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