Angry Birds Developer, Rovio Entertainment, Seeks IPO

I’ve never played Angry Birds, but I’ve seen my friends and even parents get sucked into its addictive gameplay. It’s almost hard to believe the original game was released 8 years ago today on the iPhone 3GS. Angry Birds is “the most downloaded freemium game series of all time”, via Wikipedia. Countless spinoffs came out since, with a sequel, Angry Birds 2, being released in 2015. Although I’ve never slingshotted birds, I did just watch the Angry Birds movie on Netflix. It was good 😊.

Analysist predict an IPO would value the company around $2 billion. To entice investors even further, Rovio Entertainment reported a revenue growth of 94% in its second quarter financial results. If the company goes public, we’ll likely see new IP’s, movies, and more birds and pigs. After writing this I’ll give Angry Birds 2 a spin and see what all the craze is about, although I’ve never played any iPhone game more addicting than Crossy Road, so I’ll see about that.

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