My First Time Door Dashing

Today for the first time I got behind the wheel and delivered orders on Door Dash. It was awesome and I genuinely liked zipping around the city going places I never been before. From Big Boy to Five Guys, I delivered 4 orders in under 2.2 hours. Whopping in a good chunk of cash.

I never personally used Door Dash to order anything before. This was all new to me a week ago before I signed up- which was super easy. Like a real job, you fill out a tax form and undergo a background check before getting verified. Once verified you’ll get a large door dash bag in the mail- it’s used for packing food and keeping it hot on deliveries. I ordered a beanie, sticker, and shirt but that’s extra.

I had the app up and drove to the city I’d be dashing in. You schedule your own time to dash. I put in only 2 hours since I just got off an 8 hour shift at my other job. Within 5 minutes of driving I got an order. It tells you how much you’ll get paid, what restraunt and where it’s going. Then you click accept. (You have to accept 80% of the deliveries you’re called for)

it was a lot of fun, and different. I walked into big boy with my red door dash bag and a worker already knew what order I was getting. I walked over to the counter, they put all the items in the bag, and off I go. The app tells you what items you’re delivering, so you got to make sure it’s all there.

I was driving during rush hour. I’m not sure if it increases payout, but I think it does. My first order earned me about $9. Altogether it took about 15 minutes to accept and deliver the food.

A huge thing I love about Door Dash is working on your own time- being able to set time in 30 minute increments during all hours of the day. I actually make more an hour on doordash than my day job. This industry is new, and it’ll only get bigger. No wonder why Uber go into the game too with Uber Eats.

For me dashing is a rush. Like working in the restraunt industry. You’re working against the clock to make sure all items are accounted for and delivering on time. I’m helping out the community, making people happy, and that makes me happy. I’m also happy to say I have a 5 out of 5 star review.

Here are some pros and cons I could think of being a door dasher. This is only my opinion.


  • work on your own time.
  • sight see. Discover new areas. Explore
  • make people happy
  • being able to sit for most of the time


  • Adding miles to your car
  • Driving through heavy traffic

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