The Decline of Single-Player Games

I remember playing Halo: Combat Evolved on Xbox when I was 10 years old. aliens, outer space, explosions- all of that drew me in. Me and my friend would play co-op and spend nights playing the campaign. Every cutscene was a hook and we were tied to the story.

Growing up I was a gamer. My family had 5th and 6th gen consoles. Games like Final Fantasy, Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie : all sucked up hundreds of my hours. I couldn’t get very far into them considering I was 6, but boy I loved watching them.

Today I’m older, work full time, and the only game I can squeeze into my busy schedule is PUBG. My friend and I get on occasionally to play duos. I never got into Battle Royale until early this year when most of my friends were playing Fortnite. It wasn’t a genre I heard about. Now everyone is playing battle royales, and the numbers don’t lie. This game style is expected to double in revenue by 2019, according to SuperData Research.


Unlike today’s games that rely on updates to keep things fresh, older games had to rely on a great story. Yes, story mode is still a thing, but just browse the most popular games on Twitch. See any single player? Not really.

The Xbox360 was the first console I ever owned. I had no internet, and every game on my shelf was single player. These games were designed to have the best story possible because it was before most people had online connection. Why is it still my most favorite console to this day? Probably because I was much more engaged and invested in the stories that I was playing.

I got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for Christmas one year. It was the game all my friends were talking about. The first modern combat game in the Call of Duty franchise. I was glued to my tv for days. Everybody in school was talking about the levels and tricks they discovered.

It wasn’t until I connected to xbox live gold that Call of Duty became a totally different game. All my friends at school were talking about multiplayer. After beating the campaign I figured why not, and joined a multiplayer match. If this puts things into perspective, I estimate that I spent 500+ hours playing online since owning the game.To me, that game was the cultural shift from single-to-multiplayer gaming.

My first xbox game was Call of Duty 3. Its total worldwide unit sales is 6.45 million. The total unit sales of Call of Duty 4- 17.28 million. The triple jump all thanks to everyone signing up for xbox live at record numbers.

In my opinion, it’s sad to see such a great franchise evolve into something totally different than what it was originally built on. A great story. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 doesn’t even have a campaign. It doesn’t deserve the “Call of Duty” title in my opinion. I bought it on PC for the black out mode because that’s what all my friend are playing, but really, no campaign?

I like the internet, but it’s the main reason we don’t have a lot of single player games. Multiplayer attracts casual gamers and people who can jump into a match without investing time. It’s like comparing movies and tv shows. Why do we invest time into a full length movie? It is the same reason why gamers invest so much time in a story. We want to experience it.

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