Robomart Debuts Self Driving Grocery Store at CES 2019

It seems every major tech and car company is racing to successfully produce autonomous cars. Autonomous technology is a major business that google, apple, Uber, and more are pouring millions of dollars into, considering it will be a multi billion dollar industry when it’s ready for consumers. One company that’s putting a twist on autonomous tech is Robomart.

The Robomart car could possibly lower cost of food because the middleman could be taken out of the equation. Instead of transporting produce from the farm, I think this could be stocked and then sent directly to the city. No need for a market.

If I wear walking down the street in some busy city and was hungry for some fresh fruit, this car is the answer. I would also buy from this only if it’s cheaper than a short walk to the food market. The company can be found on Twitter @robomart and Instagram @robomarts.

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