The Daily Geek 4/3/19

1. SnapChat has a new “status” feature

SnapChat has started testing a new “status” feature that will let your friends know exactly what you’re up to on the Snap Map. It’s giving you the option to let your friends know you’re free and can hang out or are busy. You could show your bitmoji playing video games, watching TV and so forth.

Apparently SnapChat will take your status data and assemble a virtual passport from it. It lets you see where you’ve been, like a diary, which is actually pretty cool. If they let you add comments to each day or location, this could very well be a great diary replacement app, if you’re into that sort of thing. I think they should consider doing that.

2. Google+ Is Shutting Down For Good

Google+, if you’re even familiar, is finally shutting down after 8 years. It took two huge data leaks and millions of exposed user data (including mine), to force them to say goodbye. There was a bug in Google+’s API that allowed third party developers to see “private” information like email addresses, ages, names, and occupations, which is kind of funny because most of us have this information public anyways, but a leak is still a leak. Google has begun the process of deleting the service early this morning.

3. Adobe’s After Effects Gets a New Update That’s Creepy

Adobe has released a new effect for After Effects called “Content Aware Fill”. It takes a video clip, you highlight or paint an object in the video that you want to delete, like a person for example, and like magic it’s rendered out of the scene.

The new effect is powered by Adobe Sensei which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. We’re living in the content and information age, and whether it’s a good or bad thing, new technology is coming out everyday instead of weeks or months like a decade ago. The process of creating content is becoming faster, easier, and funner. Especially with the help of AI. It’s both scary and exhilarating, and I’m so excited for the future. Let’s just hope robots don’t become sentient and try taking us out.

Fun Fact of The Day:

Do you know what fast food chain has the most restaurants? Nope, it’s not McDonald’s, not Starbucks, it’s in fact Subway. The reason? It’s cheaper to open. It only cost around $200-300 thousand to open a Subway verses $1-2 million for a McDonald’s. Although they have the most stores, it doesn’t mean they’re the most successful. Subway has actually been losing revenue since 2014 due to a lack of new food choices and innovation. Instead of opening new stores, they’ve actually been closing stores every year.

What does any of this mean? You have to innovate, and if you don’t evolve your business and services, you will fall victim to losing business. Subway has actually been around since 1965, and they have the sandwich making game down better than anyone else, however they really are in a position to lose considering the other sandwich options out there like Jimmy Johns, Firehouse subs, Jersey Mike’s, Arby’s and a whole lot more. This boils down to changing their brand in a new direction.

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