Allbirds: The World’s Comfiest Shoes

Allbirds is an American company that specializes in manufacturing all-natural footwear. Allbirds motto is to, “create better things in a better way”. They offer two lines of shoes; wool and tree. Their original shoe, wool runners, are made from merino wool. A highly sought after wool that’s more fine, soft, and breathable than common wool. Their shoes are known to be hella comfy.

Why It Matters

Allbirds uses 60% less energy to make their shoes than traditional synthetic shoes. The material for their tree shoe line is made from eucalyptus pulp. The sole of their shoes are made from sugarcane into a material called SweetFoam™. Their eyelets are made from bio-based thermoplastics. Which is plastic made from renewable material. All of this means they have less of a carbon footprint making a shoe, and that’s a great thing.

Are They Really That Comfy?

According to most of the YouTube reviews I’ve seen it’s extremely comfy. I also forgot to mention you can clean them in a washer. Super easy, super cool.

Wool Runner Review

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