Aliens Are Not Evil

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Men in Black, Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Aliens. These movies like many others depict aliens as the bad guys. Because we don’t know anything about aliens, they’re an easy target to point figures at. I know what you’re thinking- “What about ET, Avatar, or Star Wars”? Yes these movies flip the script, but if you look at the past few decades MOST films about extraterrestrials depicts them to be horrible, evil creatures. It makes for good entertainment, but I truly believe our concept of aliens being bad is completely wrong.

If aliens are capable of interstellar travel they definitely don’t need our precious planet and its resources. How many other planets out there have water? According to science- a lot. How many asteroids, satellites, and planets have precious metals and elements? According to science- a lot. They don’t need our water, or our sunlight because there’s already an unlimited supply in the universe. Any movies that state otherwise are simply wrong because aliens already have what they need.

The vehicles these aliens take to get here require teamwork and expertise to manufacture. They understand teaching, learning, practicing, and experimenting. They’re probably more human than we think. The more I imagine how aliens work together to make advanced technology, the more I believe that they have feelings of love, sadness, and everything in between.

Like how life started on Earth, simple organisms evolved into more and more complex organisms. Pretty soon, we had legs and arms and use these parts to grab and hunt food. I believe aliens evolved much the same way we did. They had to compete against other organisms to stay alive by being smarter and stronger. They learned how to make tools and after that history explains the rest.

The more I think about how aliens had to work together to evolve into advanced beings the more I believe they’re kinder than we think. No one can accomplish anything unless working together.

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