Bill Nye Is Fed up With Racism in Viral Tik Tok Video

thepanamerican / flickr

Bill Nye explains why we all have different colored skin using science in less than a minute and slays it. “We’re all one species but we’re not treating each other fairly!” Nye explains holding a bottle of Vitamin D and Folates in each hand. He explains how ultraviolet light changes skin color relative to how close we are to the equator. “As groups of us move around the world the color of our skin had to change.”

Bill Bill Bill Bill! Bill Nye the science guy!

This video rekindled nostalgic memories of fourth grade science class. Bill Nye the Science Guy was a science show that won 23 Emmy awards for a reason. It made science exciting, fun, and memorable. 10 year old me never thought I’d watch Bill Nye 15 years later and still get as excited as when he explained lightspeed.

Bill Nye trended #1 on twitter and here’s some funny things people had to say.

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