“Letting The Ego Die” – Video by David R Hakwins

This video on letting go of your “ego” is absolutely brilliant! Something I needed a reminder on, especially for practicing mindfulness. The ego is what your mind thinks you are, and it’s always classifying, making judgments, and coming up with false realities that you think are real. Learning to let go of your ego and just being here, in the present moment, and witnessing life is extremely powerful. It’s something that’s hard to explain, but in this clip David R Hawkins does an excellent job.

I love his explanation of being in the “now” and witnessing the intrinsic beauty of life. “As soon as the ego dies, there’s a stunning presentation of the radiance of divinity shining forth out of all existence”. -Hakwins. That’s what being in the moment is all about. Witnessing the beauty of existence with no mental noise, judgments, or thoughts trying to categorize it. Simply just being. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

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